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Good Thinking Society

Their goal is to encourage curiosity and promote rational thinking, hence the positive title of the organisation. At the same time, this inevitably means battling against irrationality and pseudoscience. They are pro-science and pro-evidence, which means they are anti-woo and anti-quack. In short, they like scepticism, but not cynicism. They like nerds and geeks, but hate bogus things without a jot of evidence.

Despite being a relatively young charity, their work has taken many forms, including encouraging excellence in the teaching of maths, successfully challenging NHS spending on homoeopathy, sponsoring awards for science blogging, organising awareness-raising campaigns about the nature of psychic claims, screening a documentary about James Randi & scepticism, investigating and reporting dangerous alternative health treatments, publishing factsheets on common pseudosciences, and more.

Over the coming years, they hope Good Thinking will sit alongside all the other excellent initiatives in UK scepticism, such as the Skeptics in the Pub network and QEDcon.

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