September 2019 – HomeComputerMuseum

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The HomeComputerMuseum is an interactive journey through the history of the (home)computer and related devices through rooms in the style of the years in question. With a specialized workshop and an arcade experience is this a unique museum in the Benelux.

Their mission

To preserve and share the history of the home computer for and with current and future generations.

They achieve this by:

  1. 500m² Interactive museum in the city of Helmond, in the Brainport Region in central Benelux. Providing not only working and playable computers from 1975 – 2005 but also an atmosphere from the era the computer was created. Sharing information about computers and background stories via our website and our tour, educate the history of the computer for schools and give nostalgic feelings to the visitors to remember their first computer.
  2. Providing repairs for both old and new computers and selling (retro)computers and retro computer parts for a fair price.
  3. Providing care for people with autism and otherwise challenged people with expanding their social and technical skills by giving them a safe, stress-free and friendly workspace and discover new possibilities for them to eventually return to a normal work environment.
  4. Renting out retro computers for movies, series, commercials and any other place that needs a working and good looking retro computer.
  5. A place for the gathering of communities who has a connection with computers.
  6. Providing a game and VR-experience.

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