How it started

First of all: This site is in no way original. Projects like Project DaD are similar and started years ahead of this one.

The idea came to me a couple of weeks ago when I heard that my Christmas bonus would be a (considerable) discount on purchasing an Apple iPad. The iPad is a magnificent piece of hardware, but I don’t really agree with the ‘Big Brother‘ policy of Apple regarding which software can and cannot be installed on the device. And since there are still no good Android alternatives on the market, I decided to ask the boss whether it was ok the money would be donated to a good cause instead.
This was no problem, and my Xmas bonus was donated to Kreftforeningen (the Norwegian Cancer Society).

This got me thinking even more, and soon the idea of donating a day’s worth of salary each month to a good cause came to mind. The next logical step in this day and age is, of course, putting the story online and hoping other people follow the example.

This will be a simple site, with only one posting per month, highlighting the organization I choose to donate a day’s worth of salary to that month. If other people want to join in, they will also get one post per month to mention their good cause of the month, which received a day of their wages.
Furthermore, I hope to provide lists of bona fide organizations and, for some countries, further information about donating to a good cause and, for example, tax deductions.

(more to follow)

2 thoughts on “How it started”

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  2. This is a great idea and I have so much respect for you for giving up your bonus! If only a few more people would follow suit (or at least give a bit).

    I personally believe that instead of being taxed on your bonus (which currently happens), the taxable amount goes to charity instead and you get to chose which one.

    I have loads of friends who moan that their bonuses get taxed and would much rather have it go to a good cause – once of them even said they would happily give 50% to charity (not as generous as you though)!

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