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October 2023 – arrive alive DRIVE SOBER®

The donation of October 2023 goes to: arrive alive DRIVE SOBER® Operating since 1989, arrive alive DRIVE SOBER® receives outstanding support from the public and media, for which they are very grateful. A registered charity which does not telemarket or use professional fundraisers. Their mission is to eliminate impaired driving in Ontario, Canada. Vision arrive …

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July-September 2023 – various

Because of various circumstances, I have not donated to a single organization once a month during these months. Instead, I have opted to make various smaller donations, in person, to collections I’ve come across during the months. 🤗

logo of NOAH - for dyrs rettigheter

May/June 2023 – NOAH – for dyrs rettigheter

The donation of May/June 2023 goes to: NOAH – for dyrs rettigheter (for animal rights) NOAH is a Norwegian animal rights organization that works tirelessly to promote the rights of animals without making any compromises at their expense. They staunchly oppose all forms of animal exploitation and are recognized as the largest NGO in Norway …

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the logo of the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation

April 2023 – Jérôme Lejeune Foundation

The donation of April 2023 goes to: the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation The Jérôme Lejeune Foundation, which was given public interest status in 1996, has been working for individuals affected by genetic intelligence disorders (Down syndrome, Williams-Beuren syndrome, fragile X syndrome, “cri du chat” syndrome, other trisomies, monosomies and unexplained intellectual disability…) At the service of affected individuals and their families, …

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March 2023 – Middagshjelpen Sarpsborg

The donation of March 2023 goes to: Middagshjelpen Sarpsborg We want to offer dinner to children, young people and families with children in Sarpsborg.We have rented the premises in the IOGT house. And the Sparebankstiftelsen has sponsored us with rent and some funds for the purchase of food.Initially, this is a trial project for 3 …

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the logo of Scooby Medina

February 2023 – Scooby Medina

The donation of February 2023 goes to: Scooby Medina Scooby, a shelter and sanctuary, has provided a home to mistreated and abandoned animals for over 30 years. It was created thanks to the initiative of a group of women who wanted to do something about the number of abandoned dogs in the area of Medina …

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