May 012015

The donation of May 2015 goes to:

Unicef (logo)Unicef – Nepal earthquake children’s appeal

A devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake has struck Nepal, causing severe destruction and loss of life in Kathmandu and surrounding areas. An earthquake of this size can be deadly, toppling buildings, and destroying roads and infrastructure.

Hospitals area overcrowded, treating people in the streets and running out of emergency supplies. The power is out and communications are badly affected and we don’t yet have a full picture of the devastation. UNICEF fears the disaster, which is reported to have already killed hundreds of people, will have a severe impact on children.

UNICEF is on the ground, evaluating what needs to be done to urgently respond to children’s emergency needs for protection, water and sanitation, health and nutrition.

[donation made via Unicef Norge on April 26th because of the urgency of the matter]

Apr 012015

The donation of April 2015 goes to:

Animal Care Samos - logoAnimal Care Samos

They are a group of both Greeks and foreigners living on Samos, Greece. To help improving the situation of the stray animals on Samos, they’ve formed the association Zoofiloi Samou (Animal Friends of Samos) in 2003.

Their main goals are:

  • Rebuilding of the existing animal shelter.
  • Regular examination and vaccination of dogs that are brought to the asylum.
  • Gathering more volunteers to take care of the animals.
  • PR work to establish a sense for animal rights on Samos.
  • Announcemnts in the local newspapers to increase poopularity of the asylum and give dogs a chance to find a new home.
  • For short term help, evacuation of as many dogs as possible.

The attention to our efforts here on Samos is overall much stronger than we expected.
Help is promised by officials as well as local companies for supply with some material and services.
Although this is very encouraging there is still a long way to go.

Mar 072015

The donation of March 2015 goes to:

KNGF Geleidehonden - logoKNGF Geleidehonden

KNGF Geleidehonden (The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation) has been training guide dogs for visually impaired people for more than 75 years. Established in 1935, the organisation has trained over 5,000 dogs for guide dog users in various parts of the Netherlands. Our organisation is an accredited member of the International Guide Dog Federation, which sets operational standards that its members must comply with.

KNGF is the oldest, largest and best-known guide dog school in the Netherlands. It has a staff of more than 70 employees, 500 volunteers, 45,000 donors and several key sponsors. Next to our core business of training guide dogs for the blind, we now also apply our knowledge and expertise to help people with other disabilities with a specially trained dog.

Since 2007, they’ve been training autism guide dogs for young children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. They deliver an average twenty of these dogs every year. Autism guide dogs are guiding child and parent outside their home. With the dog’s help, a family is able to go out again, as the dog prevents the child from bolting and breaking away. Dogs prove to have positive effects on the social and communicative behaviour of children with ASS.

Recently they’ve started training assistance dogs for people in a wheelchair. As an experienced dog school, they find it their duty and aim to help a broader group of impaired people with a specially trained dog. They use several training methods for the training of assistance dogs, depending on the client’s situation. The training and instruction programme is planned together with the client, in order to create an ideal cooperation between the dog and its user.

Check out their award-winning commercial for veteran dogs:

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Feb 012015

The donation of February 2015 goes to:

Room to Read - logoRoom to Read – school libraries

We envision a world in which all children can pursue a quality education, reach their full potential and contribute to their community and the world.

To achieve this goal, we focus on two areas where we believe we can have the greatest impact: literacy and gender equality in education. We work in collaboration with communities and local governments across Asia and Africa to develop literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children, and support girls to complete secondary school with the life skills they’ll need to succeed in school and beyond.

In order for children to become independent readers, effective communicators and lifelong learners, they need time to practice and exposure to a variety of texts. With age-appropriate reading material extremely scarce in developing countries, many children are expected to learn to read using only a single textbook. Our school libraries fill that void, providing both access to engaging reading material and a safe space to learn and play.

Literacy unlocks the door to learning throughout life, is essential to development and health, and opens the way for democratic participation and active citizenship.

Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary-General

Jan 012015

Costa Rica
The donation of January 2015 goes to:

Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children - logoFoundation for International Medical Relief of Children – Costa Rica

FIMRC is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of families in the developing world through the implementation of innovative and self-sustainable health improvement programs. Through its network of outpatient clinics and partnerships, FIMRC asserts a multidimensional strategy that includes clinical services, extensive community outreach efforts and health education programs.

FIMRC is a self-sustainable organization with project related funding provided from business operations – the Global Health Volunteer Program engages approximately 800 individuals annually who volunteer their time abroad and make a contribution in exchange for the experience FIMRC provides. Over 90% of FIMRC’s revenue is derived from their volunteer program.

The donation has been earmarked for Project Alajuelita on Costa Rica.

Dec 012014

The donation of December 2014 goes to:

Frelsesarmeen - logoFrelsesarmeen (Salvation Army Norway)

The Salvation Army is one of the world’s largest Christian social welfare organisations with more than 1,650,000 members working in over 126 countries. Frelsesarmeen, the Norwegian branch of the Salvation Army has many projects with which they help people in need.

I have earmarked this months gift for Frelsesarmeen Sarpsborg.

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