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November 2022 – Captain Paul Watson Foundation

The donation for November 2022 goes to the Captain Paul Watson Foundation, for the protection and conservation of the ocean.

Fight for the Future logo

October 2022 – Fight for the Future

The donation for October 2022 goes to: Fight for the Future Fight for the Future is a nonprofit advocacy group in the area of digital rights founded in 2011. The group aims to promote causes related to copyright legislation, as well as online privacy and censorship through the use of the Internet. They harness the …

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Ukrainian Red Cross Society logo

September 2022 – Ukrainian Red Cross Society

The donation for September 2022 goes to: Національний комітет Товариства Червоного Хреста України (Ukrainian Red Cross Society) Since the escalation of the armed conflict, volunteers and employees of the Red Cross of Ukraine haven’t stopped their work for a moment, providing support to the population in the context of a large-scale humanitarian crisis. Since February …

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Rising phoenix

Like a phoenix from the ashes, Donate a Day rises again

It has taken so much longer than I anticipated/hoped for, but Donate a Day is returning at last! As of March 14th, I’m employed again, which means I can revive Donate a Day. The plan is to start up again in August 2022. By then I should have guesstimated what my monthly donation is going …

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It pains me to say this, but there will be a hiatus in the monthly donations made by Donate a Day. When I started with Donate a Day back in 2011 I thought I had it all worked out: I’d base the amount I donate on my monthly salary. Should my salary go up, the …

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HomeComputerMuseum - logo

September 2019 – HomeComputerMuseum

The donation of September 2019 goes to: HomeComputerMuseum The HomeComputerMuseum is an interactive journey through the history of the (home)computer and related devices through rooms in the style of the years in question. With a specialized workshop and an arcade experience is this a unique museum in the Benelux. Their mission To preserve and share …

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