November 2023 – House Fire Recovery Fund

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The donation of November 2023 goes to:

House Fire Recovery Fund - the Montgomery Family

Text from the fund-raising page:

The night of October 16th, a kitchen fire broke out in the Montgomery’s home while they were gone. Nicole, Austin and Molly are all safe, but tragically, they lost their three cats.
Their home is uninhabitable, and their belongings are smoke or water-damaged. As you can imagine, the devastation and emotional toll is overwhelming.

Please consider donating to help them with immediate and future items as they sort out their needs.
Additionally, please reach out if you know of any short-term rentals available in the Broomfield area. I will keep this updated as more details arise.

Thank you for being so supportive during this difficult time.


  1. Usually, I donate a day’s worth of my salary to a regional/national/global cause. Still, now and then, I make an exception and choose to donate to an individual cause.
    In this particular case, I’ve known one of the victims for decades (and decades to come, I hope) ↩︎

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