April 2013 – Stichting Abaraka

The donation of April 2013 goes to:

Abaraka Foundation

Abaraka is committed to helping (handicapped) children in The Gambia.

“Abaraka” means “thank you” in Mandinka.

Abaraka helps with:

  • tools available to disabled children, raising money for surgery
  • relief funds for schools
  • help children with school fees, clothes and toys
  • distribute relief goods sick houses and clinics

The foundation aims to further develop and expand these activities.

Abarake supports the 8 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), as set by the UN.

1 thought on “April 2013 – Stichting Abaraka”

  1. Evert – Sarpsborg, Norway – Originally from the Netherlands, now living in Norway.

    In May 2013 the foundation was ‘cancelled’. I hope my donation still reached its goal though…

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