May 2013 – Young in Prison (YIP)

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Young In Prison - logoYoung in Prison (YIP)

Worldwide, there are many children in prison living in terrible conditions. Especially in developing countries, they are a forgotten group, and this is a major problem because these children often lack a social safety net and recidivism is incredibly high. YIP believes in real and constructive solutions to help these forgotten children participate in and give back to society in a positive way.

Young in Prison (YiP) is a worldwide initiative to give these children in prison a voice and a chance to make a sustainable change in their lives!

YIP is currently active in Colombia, Malawi and South Africa. Within each country, a local and independent organization coordinates and implements YiP’s projects. While in prison YIP offers a reintegration program in which YIP encourages self development through creativity and self expression. Our project is done in cooperation with the communities and children themselves, which ensures that our projects are relevant to the local context; and YIP works with local youth acting as role models who the children can identify with.

In the Netherlands, YiP is active in facilitating fundraising, capacity building and exchange. Under the name YiPART, YIP organizes various artistic events and benefits in order to raise funds for our projects. Artists and art lovers understand the immense value and potential impact that creative expression can have!
Support this neglected group of children and give them a voice and a chance to have a better future! A small contribution for you may make a big difference for them. Support YiP in any way you can!

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