Frequently Asked Questions (and answers to them!)

  1. Why this site?
    The purpose of this site is two-fold:

    • To inspire other people.
    • It helps me track who has received a donation and when.
  2. Are you rich?
    Nope. One doesn’t need to be to do this. You only donate about 5% of your salary. I think this is within reach of many people
  3. I want to help. Where do I send my day’s worth of salary?
    Not to me! Send it to one of the good causes I have sent to over the months, or pick one of your own. Please also consider regional/local ones, not only the (inter)national ones.
  4. Can I join your site?
    Sure. If you’re committed. You can do as I do, and donate a day’s worth of your salary to a good cause of your choosing each month. It will be noted on this site, just like the monthly postings you see now, hopefully creating a snowball effect.
  5. I want to help, but I can’t afford to donate a day’s worth of salary
    No problem. You can just as much help with spreading the word! Mention this site on Twitter, Facebook, your website, or just during your next chat at the water cooler.
  6. Are there any conditions which a charity has to fulfil to get listed?
    • Accepting payments via PayPal, credit card, or with enough banking details so I can make a transfer from my (Norwegian) bank account. IBAN/SWIFT
    • Dutch, Norwegian or English-language site, so I don’t make the wrong clicks…
  7. How do the country pages work?
    Yes, I have to admit some more structure would be helpful there. Currently I am aiming at listing charities based on the country they’re active in. So A British aid organization which is active in Ukraine will be listed on the Ukraine page, not the page of the United Kingdom. Organizations active in several countries and who have no country-specific pages end up on International. Perhaps I’ll rethink this model and put them in a table or database instead some day…
  8. Why are there no/partial flags on the country/monthly pages?
    Ah, you must be using Internet Explorer… IE has no (IE6, IE7, IE8) or only partial (IE9, IE10) support for the SVG file format. The pages look fine/as intended on any other major browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Safari.
  9. What is your monthly ‘procedure’?
    Sometime in the first half of the month, I will transfer 5% of my net pay to a good cause of my choosing (suggestions are always welcome!). After doing so, I will post about the cause who has received the donation, in the hope others will follow the example.
  10. Your page listed a payment but we (the organisation in question) haven’t received anything!
    In case of a non-PayPal transferral, this is probably caused by delays in the international banking system or, in some cases by my own bank. They’ve paused transfers once or twice in the past because apparently, it’s ‘suspicious’ when I suddenly transfer a substantial amount to a far-away country…
  11. Who are you?
    My name is Evert Meulie. I am currently employed at the ICT department of a municipal archive in Sarpsborg, Norway. I emigrated to Norway in the end of 1997, and am originally from Castricum, the Netherlands. I also have an account of my own on Twitter.
  12. How can I contact you?
    You can reach me via email, on evert [@] donateaday.net

More to come. If you have a question, please post it as a comment on this page.

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