July 2019 – Dierenambulance Kennemerland

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The donation of July 2019 goes to:

Dierenambulance Kennemerland - logoDierenambulance Kennemerland

Animal ambulance Kennemerland – The Foundation
The core tasks of the Animal Ambulance Kennemerland consist of: giving first aid to animals, transporting animals, removing deceased animals and registration of lost and found animals.

About 100 volunteers and a few paid employees work at the foundation. Every volunteer contributes to various activities. Anyone who is involved with the Stichting Dierenambulance Kennemerland does this work entirely on a voluntary basis without any compensation (there is a possibility for reimbursement of expenses under certain conditions). The volunteers do this work out of their love for animals.

The foundation receives compensation from private individuals and municipalities for the transport of injured, sick and diseased animals. Donations and gifts from people who support them are also an important source of income.

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