December 2022 – 2 individual donations (via

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The donation of December 2022 goes to:

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2 individual donations

Those of you who recognize the logo of the ‘Norwegian eBay’ may realize I’m doing it a little differently this month.

Usually, I donate to official foundations or organizations. This month, however, I have decided to split the amount and donate it to 2 people/families who have placed an ad on because they need help to make ends meet in this expensive, difficult last month of the year.

I had to think about this a bit since, unlike official charities, it’s hard to verify the legitimacy of the ads. One can hardly ask for proof of poverty, can one?

So I’ve read the ads carefully and picked 2 from .

Each is getting 50% of this month’s donation in cash. I hope my contribution helps 2 families have a (somewhat) better end to 2022 🤗

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