September 2022 – Ukrainian Red Cross Society

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The donation for September 2022 goes to:

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Національний комітет Товариства Червоного Хреста України

(Ukrainian Red Cross Society)

Since the escalation of the armed conflict, volunteers and employees of the Red Cross of Ukraine haven’t stopped their work for a moment, providing support to the population in the context of a large-scale humanitarian crisis.

Since February 24, the Ukrainian Red Cross Society has mobilized all its forces and used available resources to help the population of Ukraine. Two hundred eighty local organizations, 24 regional ones, 500 employees, and 6,000 volunteers, of which 3,000 are reserve volunteers, help Ukrainians 24/7 without stopping for a minute. The Ukrainian Red Cross Society provides humanitarian aid and psychosocial support and conducts information activities on first aid, mine danger, and international humanitarian law. Emergency Response Teams save lives.

To increase its capacity and reach even more people in need, the Ukrainian Red Cross Society works with international donors, the public and private sectors, and partners from the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Dozens of fundraising and crowdfunding platforms have been launched in Ukraine and abroad. We are approached by people from all over the world, gathering and providing all possible help.

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