May 2019 – Opening your heart to Bhutan

flag of Bhutan
The donation of May 2019 goes to:

Opening your heart to Bhutan - logoOpening Your Heart to Bhutan

Opening Your Heart to Bhutan is a charity which brings children with special needs in Bhutan joy and the opportunity to build meaningful lives.

Through simple, practical acts of compassion, the charity provides access to safe medical care, disability aids and basic amenities in the isolated rural areas of East Bhutan. It believes in education as a means of empowerment and supports the digging of sewage systems, the building of hostels and improvement of facilities at Draktsho, a vocational training centre in Tashigang.

The charity is run by Emma Slade (also known as Ani Pema Deki), a Buddhist nun who travels regularly to the country to assess needs on-the-ground and supports a network of local people who work with families as they grow.

No one is paid to run the charity, and costs are kept to a bare minimum to maximise funds going directly to those most in need.

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