December 2017 – the Farm Animal Sanctuary

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Farm animals are global. They are not endangered, exotic or wild. They are animals who are born and raised for their meat, fur/skin and milk, and throughout the world, this is done very often with a minimum of care.

Care costs time and money, and they’re not considered to be worth either. They are just another product, although unlike other food products such as grains, fruits and vegetables, they bleed when they are injured. They die from fear and stress. They suffer distress when their young are taken away from them. They can be kept until they are too old to stand as long as they can still produce milk or offspring. They can then be travelled hundreds of miles, enduring awful conditions, to be slaughtered without pre-stunning.

There are very few places throughout the world where farm animals can find sanctuary to be able to live out their lives in peace, to be treated with kindness and respect. At the Farm Animal Sanctuary, they watch these animals become comfortable and confident. They see their characters develop. They admire their intelligence and the way they embrace their peaceful surroundings. They watch them begin to play and finally become content.

They form close companionships and soon recognise the people who care for them and look after them. They ask for very little. For the people at the sanctuary, it’s a pleasure and a privilege to be part of their daily lives.

Currently, the Sanctuary is caring for 470 sheep, 3 cattle, 11 pigs, 2 ponies, 5 Shetland ponies, 9 horses, 7 rabbits, 9 cats, 5 dogs, 1 donkey, 1 parrot, 4 budgies, 4 ducks, 7 geese and 70 hens and cockerels! They need to raise £2,500 a week and need every bit of help they can get to keep these and future animals comfortable and safe.

[hat tip: Chris Ashton]

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