May 2014 – Cáritas Diocesana de Canarias

Canary Islands
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Cáritas Diocesana de Canarias is organized in order to respond to the reality of the social exclusion of the diocese, with the basic criteria of the person who is the center of all action and activity.

The task of Caritas serves primarily in groups Caritas Parish, where the community organizes and chooses the service to people in vulnerable situations or social exclusion, and it is here where most exercises its voluntary social work.

To enhance coordination among the various parishes and with the aim of developing a common task Arciprestales Coordinators and the different territorial areas where volunteering is taking his pulse task set, all accompanied by a volunteer who will be the coordinator and arciprestal healing companion.

People arciprestales coordinators of the 21 deaneries of the Diocese of Canarias form together with the management team on Diocesan Council , a body that exercises the government corporately Caritas Canary executing the decisions taken earlier in the Diocesan Assembly, where it has representation all volunteers from Caritas.

The Management Team consists of the leadership positions, Deputy Director, manager / a, episcopal delegate and secretary general. Is the executive body of the Diocesan Council, and your task is to encourage and coordinate activities and actions Caritas de Canarias , and manage the General Diocesan Services, both in technical and volunteers that form as the material resources feature.

The General Services Diocesan develop a specific technical task in the service of Caritas de Canarias and volunteering. Its three main areas will be Social Action, where the direct intervention of people volunteering to giving it serviced greater professionalism accompany; from Institutional Development will take care that the projection of Caritas and the development of their work and attend to their identity and mission from Secretariat support will be provided and all administrative, bureaucratic and infrastructure task will run. You are three areas are divided into programs / projects / departments that are responsible for the completion of tasks.

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