September 2012 – the HALO trust

The donation of September 2012 goes to:

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the HALO trust

The HALO Trust is a non-political, non-religious NGO, registered in Britain as a charity and in the United States as a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit organisation. HALO specialises in the removal of the hazardous debris of war.

HALO is not distracted by involvement in campaigns and conferences, and we have a simple mission statement – “getting mines out of the ground, now”. With more deminers and more equipment, we shall shorten the timeframe that villagers are impacted by landmines.

HALO’s operations are grouped under Central Asia, South East Asia, Horn of Africa, Southern Africa and the Caucasus & Balkans – managed from a small office in South West Scotland. Our innovative training of local management and introduction of new equipment allows us to continue expansion as funding becomes available.

Currently active in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe, Somaliland, Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Kosovo, Colombia, and the West Bank.

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