August 2012 – Living With Hope / Lisa Waller Hayes foundation

The donation of August 2012 goes to:

Lisa Waller Hayes Foundation logoLiving with Hope – the Lisa Waller Hayes Foundation

The Lisa Waller Hayes Foundation provides a platform of information about pancreatic cancer, inspiration to patients and loved ones, and is dedicated to advance pancreatic cancer research.

Generous donations to the Lisa Waller Hayes Foundation will support scientific research on pancreatic cancer or research projects that aim to relieve the needs of people who are suffering from, or who have been affected by pancreatic cancer or that work to advance the understanding of pancreatic cancer, its early detection and treatment, both in the United States of America and in the Netherlands.

The Directors of the Lisa Waller Hayes Foundation currently consist of: Charlotte van Meer, Kate Alzapiedi and Nancy Thomas

The Advisors of the Lisa Waller Hayes Foundation currently are: Nout Waller, The Hayes Family, Rutger-Jan Swijnenburg, Jody Becker, Berend van Meer, Marc Kolder and Lorraine Augostini.

Donation made in loving memory of Bibian Harmsen.

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