August 2011 – Norwegian Church Aid (Kirkens Nødhjelp)

The donation of August 2011 goes to:

Norwegian Church Aid (Kirkens Nødhjelp)

Support to drought in Horn of Africa victims

Norwegian Church Aid struggles together with people and organisations across the world to eradicate poverty and injustice.

Somalian flagIn Somalia:

We have delivered food rations to 30,000 people and water to 100,000 people and have now applied for 12 million NOK towards food support for 20,000 people for a period of 5 months in northern Gedo province. Our network is ready to scale up this effort to meet the needs of 115,000 people as soon as financing becomes available.

A container of BP5 emergency biscuits is also en route to Somalia.

In Kenya:

NCA is lead agency for the ACT Forum in Kenya which has planned a two-stage, 12-month intervention. Firstly, six months of emergency food, water (also for households and schools) and animal fodder. Secondly, a six-month rehabilitation phase.

A container of BP5 emergency biscuits is also en route to Kenya.

In Etiopia:

NCA works through the ACT Forum Ethiopia, which has initially planned an intervention to reach 68,000 people in Oromia. An ACT Appeal to the value of 2.6 million USD has been issued.

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  1. Dear all and the good folk behind Donate a Day,

    We are thrilled to be chosen as the August recipient of donations. Thank you.

    Donate a Day has provided a short summary of our ongoing operations. Our capacity is large, and we are able to expand our efforts when we receive donations.

    Thanks again for helping us help more people. Together we stand for a just world.

    All the best,
    Max Lotternes
    Information Adviser
    Norwegian Church Aid

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