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Rhodes Animals Welfare Society (RAWS)

Rhodes Animal Welfare Society (RAWS) was founded in 1990, starting off from a rented house in the town centre with a small yard. In March 1998 after years of negotiations with the Municipality of Rhodes, we took over the running of their kennel in Tsairi.

A lot of hard work is done and much money is spent to get it into a good condition. There are about 300 dogs in the shelter. Since 1/1/2008 the Municipality of Rhodes takes care of the kennel.

Unfortunately through the economic crisis now in Greece the situation is very bad. So from February 2011 we are back to help the people who work there to take care of the animals.

Also if possible we collect stray dogs from the streets, which stay mostly in foster homes waiting for adoption. Under the button statistics you will see how many animals are sterilised and adopted each year thanks to the donations.

In 2007 we built a cat shelter in Kalithea and at the moment we take care of approximately 150 stray cats. We try very hard to do as many sterilisations, medical care and feeding there, thanks to the donations and volunteers.

RAWS is a non-profit making society run by volunteers depending on your donations and adoptions to continue. Our aim is to try neuter as many animals as possible because this is the only way to reduce the number of poor animals suffering on the streets.

The RAWS stand at Mandraki Harbour is back after 3 years of consultation with the authorities. When you are not visiting our island but want to help take a look at the section donate so it comes in the right place .

We also try to inform the people about the appropriate behaviour towards the animals through the media and information on all the schools where possible.

Finally,The animals want to thank all the people who helped already to make their lives better.

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