October 2016 – the Toy Smuggler of Aleppo

The donation of October 2016 goes to:

the Toy Smuggler of Aleppothe Toy Smuggler of Aleppo

The Toy Smuggler of Aleppo, aka Rami Adham, is a Finnish-Syrian 44 years old father of 6, originally from the city of Aleppo living in Finland since 1989. He believes that it’s everyone’s right to provide and receive help whenever it’s needed. It’s also a sign of humanity to care for those who are not so close to us in our everyday living.

His voluntary mission started around 5 years ago when he dedicated his life to helping Syrian kids in any way he can. He started by using all my savings to buy and deliver food, medicine, water and of course thousands of TOYS to displaced Syrian kids. (all that he could carry with him)

He travels personally to Syria / conflict zones where there is still hundreds of thousands of civilians trapped under the ruthless air bombing campaigns, to take care of some of them.

He has already visited Syria / Aleppo 27 times in the past 4 years or so. The reason is to make sure the help goes to those in need of it most.

He has obtained the title of ‘the Toy smuggler of Aleppo’ after all borders of Syria have been closed officially for the past 2 years by now. Since he can’t stop this work, he had no other way in going HOME but through special routes… and TOYS were all he had on him (couldn’t let anything stop me), in addition to the money he managed to collect and raise from Finland to help to buy all necessary food, medicine etc inside Syria.

He pledges to all of us HUMANS out there, all around the world to help him to help the ones in desperate need.

The money he is raising will go to building schools inside Syria, close to Turkish borders (where it is safe from constant bombing).

[donation made via GoFundMe]

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