September 2014 – Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge Fredrikstad og omegn

The donation of September 2014 goes to:

Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge - logoDyrebeskyttelsen Norge Fredrikstad og omegn
(Animal Protection Norway – department Fredrikstad and surroundings)

The main business of the animal shelter in Fredrikstad is relocation/adoption of homeless animals in need in the Fredrikstad-Sarpsborg-Hvaler area.

The animals receive shelter, food, care, vet check, medication if needed, vaccinations, sterilization / castration and ID-tagging. If it is suspected that the animal has had an owner, it will be advertised with image in the local newspapers, websites, etc. If no one claims the animal, it will be adopted out to a new loving home.

The animals that are in greatest need are given priority. Homelessness among cats is the greatest. Then, rabbits and other rodents.

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  1. Hello, I need help with a baby seagull what I found in the street.I need some information about where I can found some center for this cases.I’m live in Fredrikstad.takk

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