October 2013 – Adopt a Doctor

Sierra Leone

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Adopt_a_Doctor_logoAdopt a Doctor

Adopt A Doctor works to stop the brain drain that is drawing experienced physicians away from the poorest countries in Africa.

Many African countries find it difficult to attract and retain experienced physicians because salaries are so low.

In Malawi, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Mali, a doctor earns on average just $90/month. This prompts physicians to practice medicine in their home country for an average of only 3 years.

Doctors are leaving developing nations such as Malawi in droves to seek more reasonable pay and better resources in other parts of the world.

Our work matters
This is a serious crisis due to the dismal health conditions in these countries. Everyday, 35,000 children under 5 years of age die in the developing world. The great majority of these deaths are from health problems that can be prevented or cured by adequate medical care.

In total, 14 million people die annually from easily treatable infectious diseases. This accounts for a quarter of all deaths worldwide.

Adopt A Doctor works to alleviate high turnover rates and lack of physicians by providing financial aid and other critical resources. This allows doctors to remain and continue their work in their home countries.

It is our mission to encourage these doctors to stay where they are needed the most.

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