logo of Voedselbanken Nederland

January 2023 – Voedselbanken Nederland

The donation for January 2023 goes to: Voedselbanken Nederland(Food banks Netherlands) “An eye for food, a heart for people”Nearly one million people in the Netherlands live below the poverty line. Did you know that this dire situation can be solved simply by giving food surpluses? A solution that is both good for people and the […]

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HomeComputerMuseum - logo

September 2019 – HomeComputerMuseum

The donation of September 2019 goes to: HomeComputerMuseum The HomeComputerMuseum is an interactive journey through the history of the (home)computer and related devices through rooms in the style of the years in question. With a specialized workshop and an arcade experience is this a unique museum in the Benelux. Their mission To preserve and share

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Poezenboot catboat logo

October 2017 – The Catboat (De Poezenboot)

The donation of October 2017 goes to: The Catboat (De Poezenboot) The Catboat is the only animal sanctuary that literally floats. A refuge for stray and abandoned cats which, thanks to its unique location on a houseboat in Amsterdam’s picturesque canal belt, has also become a world-famous tourist attraction. The one and only Catboat. Water

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December 2016 – Actie Pepernoot

The donation of December 2016 goes to: Actie Pepernoot 1 in 8 children in the Netherlands grow up in poverty. Children whose hearts no longer beat more expectantly when December 5th (Sinterklaas) approaches. They’ve given up on hope for presents because money for more than the bare necessities isn’t available in their households. Fortunately, there’s

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Lisa Waller Hayes Foundation logo

August 2012 – Living With Hope / Lisa Waller Hayes foundation

The donation of August 2012 goes to: Living with Hope – the Lisa Waller Hayes Foundation The Lisa Waller Hayes Foundation provides a platform of information about pancreatic cancer, inspiration to patients and loved ones, and is dedicated to advance pancreatic cancer research. Generous donations to the Lisa Waller Hayes Foundation will support scientific research

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December 2011 – Stichting ‘Vul een Kinderhand’

The donation of December 2011 goes to: Stichting ‘Vul een Kinderhand’ (Foundation ‘Fill a Child’s hand’) The foundation aims to organize activities, and support children in Almere, the Netherlands whose parents live below the poverty line Foundation fill a Child’s hand goes beyond Sinterklaas. On other occasions they would also like to fill a child’s

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